Article 14(h) of the PTW Condominium Declaration states:

  • Each unit is limited to only 1 dog or 2 cats.

  • No Pit Bulldogs, Rottweiler’s, Doberman Pinchers or other animals determined to be dangerous may be brought onto or kept on the Condominium property at any time.

If a dog is found to be dangerous or aggressive to the residents or other dogs at Peachtree Walk, regardless of its breed or mix, the Board of Directors reserves the right to demand that the aggressive dog be removed from the property immediately to ensure the peace and safety of the residents of Peachtree Walk.

Dog Fee - There will be an annual dog fee assessed each year of $100. plus $50 late fee after September 30th.  This fee will offset the additional cost that the HOA must pay to upkeep common areas impacted by dog traffic including, but not limited to, dog bags, carpet and elevator cleaning.

  • The registration period for 2018- 2019 is Sept. 1, 2018 thru Sept. 30, 2018. Registration can be completed in person with Annie, or by email.

  • After paying the annual fee and registering your dog with management, your dog will receive a PTW dog tag to be worn at all times. Dog tags are not transferable between owners once issued.

  • In addition to the annual fee, the Board reserves the right to fine dog owners or dog care takers for individual violations that occur on PTW common areas, including failure to thoroughly remove defecation or to thoroughly clean up dog urine.

Unregistered Dog Fines – If an unregistered dog is identified for the first time on the PTW grounds, the unit owner will be issued a warning along with the regular $100 annual fee. If the owner does not pay the $100 annual fee without 10 days of the initial warning, the fee is then $150 for late registration. All other dog related violations are as follows:.

  • 2nd Offense: $50

  • 3rd Offense: $100

  • 4th Offense: $150

  • 5th Offense: $200

The Board reserves the right to fine dog owners or dog caretakers for individual violations that occur on PTW common areas, including but not limited to the following violations:

  1. Dogs must be leashed and under control of an adult at all times in the common areas.

  2. Dogs are not allowed in the pool or courtyard areas.

  3. All dog owners must clean up after their dogs.

  4. All dogs must have a current, registered tag on their collars at all times.

  5. Dogs cannot be left alone to bark while owners are away.

Multiple Dog Resolution – There may be some residents that currently have more than the approved number of dogs. The Board has passed a resolution allowing those who have multiple dogs on record as of June 30, 2008 to obtain multiple tags.  These additional tags are non-transferable should your dog move from PTW or die.  The owner of the unit is responsible to pay the $100 assessment for each dog each year.