The Peachtree Walk Condominium Association is committed to providing a safe environment for the homeowners. Many fire safety features have been incorporated into the design and construction of the building such as fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems, emergency lighting, fire alarm pull stations, fire extinguishers, and smoke detectors.

In an Emergency – Call 911


There are two stairwells in each building.  In case of emergency evacuation, residents should exit through the closest stairwell and go all the way to the ground floor.  Since a fire or other catastrophe could occur at anytime, being cognizant of the building’s layout and evacuation routes will impact homeowners’ ability to exit the building without panic or injury.


Immediately call the Fire Department – 911. Give the emergency operator the building, floor, and unit number as well as the street address.  Describe the situation.

Without further delay, leave the unit.  Be sure to close the door, leaving it unlocked. This will prevent the possible spread of heat and smoke into the corridor.

Remember to alert the homeowners of the other units on the floor.  It is vitally important that everyone be given as early a warning as possible.

Use the nearest exit stairway.  DO NOT prop open the doors to the exit stairwell; close stairway doors.  DO NOT open windows in the stairwell. Calmly but quickly descend and exit the building.

DO NOT use any of the building’s elevators.


Immediately call the Fire Department – 911.  Give the emergency operator the building, floor, and unit number as well as the street address.  Describe the situation.  Do not assume that someone else has already called.

Before trying to leave the unit, place your hand on the door, palm down.  If the door feels warm to the touch within five seconds, DO NOT attempt to open it as this indicates the presence of a dangerous fire condition in the corridor.

If the door is not warm to the touch, carefully open it and check for the presence of smoke in the corridor.  If the corridor can be used, alert the other occupants on the floor and proceed to the nearest exit stairway.  Be sure to close unit doors and stairway doors.  DO NOT use the elevators.  DO NOT open windows in the stairwells.

If the unit door is warm to the touch or heavy smoke can be detected in the corridor, keep the door closed.  Seal cracks around the doors, vents, and any other places where smoke is entering with wet towels.

If smoke enters the unit and the windows are operable, open one slightly.   Make yourself visible to the rescue personnel:  hang a sheet or light colored material out of the window.

In units having windows that cannot open, you should tie a wet cloth in a triangle over your nose and mouth and remain close to the floor.


If Peachtree Walk receives a bomb threat, oral or written, during normal business hours, fire and police will be notified and the entire property will be evacuated.  The on site personnel will activate the alarm systems and direct all homeowners to safe areas away from the buildings.  In the event the threat is called in to Team Management after normal business hours, the Police, Fire, and building staff will be notified.  The Courtesy Officer will begin evacuation procedures.

After normal business hours, if life and/or property are threatened by forces of nature, homeowners are instructed to call 911, seek shelter on a lower level, interior space, away from glass windows and doors or leave the buildings as quickly as possible depending upon the situation.   If this situation occurs during normal business hours, the building staff will contact the appropriate authorities, if needed, and assist the homeowners.

After normal business hours, if life and property are subjected to terrorist attacks, homeowners are instructed to leave the buildings as quickly as possible and seek shelter.  Call 911 as soon as possible. Management is to be notified after homeowners are in a safe location.  If the association manager or Team Management is notified of an impending terrorist attack during normal business hours, the association manager and the maintenance staff will activate the alarm systems, call 911, and assist in evacuating the buildings.

By following the above instructions and becoming familiar with the buildings’ life safety systems and evacuation procedures, the risks to life and property will be minimized.

In the event a homeowner or guest is involved in a medical emergency, homeowners are instructed to call 911 and to provide detailed information concerning the emergency as well as the exact address of the property.  Homeowners who have a medical condition that could require immediate medical attention, such as EMT and ambulance service, are asked to inform the association management office of the health condition and medical attention that may be required.  The office should also be made aware of whom to contact in case of emergency.

Homeowners are also asked to notify the association management office if they have pets.  The office will maintain a list of pet owners so that the animals can be removed from the buildings in an emergency.


Residents needing assistance are defined as follows:

  • Persons unable to walk, difficulty walking, or reliance on mobility aids, such as canes, walkers, or wheel chairs.
  • Persons with sight or hearing disabilities.
  • Persons who have difficulty interpreting and receiving sensor information.
  • Persons who lack the stamina to exit via stairwells and move to a safe location.

Any homeowner who requires special assistance in case of evacuation should make their needs known in writing to Team Management, onsite manager and courtesy officer.

Should an alarm activate during the normal business hours, the building staff will make every effort to assist in the evacuation of the buildings and to have the homeowners move to a safe distance from the buildings.  Should an alarm activate during non-business hours, the Peachtree Walk association manager and maintenance supervisor, will be notified and will respond accordingly.


  • Never smoke in bed.
  • Know the location of the fire exits on each floor. Do not use elevators in the event of a fire.
  • Count the number of doors to the nearest exit and check for any possible obstructions.
  • Know the location of fire alarm pull stations on each floor.
  • Know the location of fire extinguishers on each floor.
  • Check unit windows to see if they can be opened.
  • Keep unit keys where they can be quickly retrieved.
  • When leaving the unit, keep the door closed and take necessary keys.
  • Turn off all small appliances when leaving the unit.
  • Do not store combustible materials in the unit or parking deck.
  • Never leave cooking food unattended.
  • Never leave burning candles unattended.
  • Extinguish all smoking materials in appropriate containers; never throw lit cigarettes out windows.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher in your unit.
  • Check batteries in your smoke detector.
  • During an electrical storm, do not bathe or use the telephone.
  • During a tornado, seek shelter in an interior space on a lower level away from windows and glass doors.
  • Do not open windows in the stairwells.




The Life Safety systems equipment is professionally monitored and maintained by Mid South Security Systems and Cintas Fire Protection & Safety Company, Inc. When activated, the building’s fire alarm, the system will alert the monitoring company to call the Fire Department and the onsite manager at Peachtree Walk.


The primary fire alarm control panel is located on the P1 level


There are a total of 27 pull stations located in common areas throughout both buildings.


The common areas and individual units are equipped with sprinkler systems.  When the temperature reaches 135 to 165 degrees in the units, the sprinkler heads are automatically activated. The sprinkler system is equipped with FDC connectors for the standpipes and sprinkler systems.

The sprinkler system works in conjunction with the alarm system.  When the sprinkler system flow switch detects water flow, the alarm system is activated and a trouble signal is sent to the monitoring company.   The monitoring company calls the Fire Department and the Peachtree Walk personnel.


In addition to the smoke detectors located within each of the individual units, there are 46 smoke detectors located throughout the building in common areas.  The smoke detectors are cleaned and tested on an annual basis, as mandated by fire code.


Professional fire alarm/sprinkler companies conduct inspections annually.  Test activation of the life safety systems are conducted in order to measure and record the buildings’ evacuation signal levels under actual alarm conditions.  Test results are analyzed against the audibility and visibility requirements of the local authorities having jurisdiction and any other related agencies.  Additionally, smoke detectors are cleaned and all fire extinguishers are inspected, dated and appropriately tagged.  Sprinkler system inspection includes dry systems; tamper switches, water flow switches, and pressure switches. Any deficiencies discovered during the inspection, including items needing immediate attention are listed with recommended solutions and are remedied promptly in accordance with national fire safety codes.

The on-site staff and a monitoring company monitor the alarm systems.    When the monitoring company receives notification that an alarm has been activated, they are instructed to notify the fire department, and then Peachtree Walk’s Manager.

Peachtree Walks’ additional safety measures include clearly visible emergency exit signs, evacuation routes posted in all stairwells, and signage displayed at elevators stating, “Do not use elevators in the event of fire.” Additionally, fire alarm pull stations are located on each floor.  All fire alarm panel and sprinkler room doors are clearly designated as to the contents.

Electrical, mechanical, and telephone rooms are clearly marked and all of these rooms are on a master key system.  Building access keys are located in the Knox box, in locations that are known to the Atlanta Fire Department.


Peachtree Walk is professionally managed by Team Management, LLC, and is under the direction of a Board of Directors that is comprised five homeowners.

The property has an Onsite Property Manager who is knowledgeable in the day to day operations and maintenance of the property.  After normal business hours, emergencies will be handled through the on call service provided by the management company.

The association employs a monitoring company for these systems. The present company is Mid South Security. They report any alarm signals to the Fire Department, the building staff, and to Team Management as needed.  Additionally, any malfunctions are evaluated by the on-site maintenance engineer and if necessary, outside technicians are employed to correct any problems.


Information is disseminated to the homeowners through written communications that are mailed or hand delivered to each unit. Homeowners have been instructed to call 911 in the event of emergencies which threaten life or property. Homeowners are instructed on the fire escape plans for their floors. They are familiar with the location of all the exit stairways on their floors as well as the alarm pull stations and fire extinguishers.


The homeowners will be notified in advance of a practice fire drill.  Representatives from each building, as well as management and staff, will assist in the evacuation of the buildings according to established procedures.  They will also coordinate the move to the safe areas away from the buildings.  Homeowners have not been advised of a practice fire drill, and the alarm systems activate, they are to evacuate the buildings immediately.