Leasing within Peachtree Walk Condominium is limited to 25% of the total units and must be approved by the Board of Directors.  Only owners with approved leasing permits are eligible to lease their homes. Owners who lease without a valid leasing permit are subject to substantial fines. If you sell your unit, leasing permits are NOT transferable to the new owner.

There is currently a waiting list of owners for available lease opportunities.  Please email achristman@teammgt.com  to be added to this lease waiting list. The owner waiting list may be viewed here

The Board of Directors may also consider special hardship lease requests.  To qualify for a special hardship lease permit the owner must have already listed the unit for sale with a MLS real estate brokerage, been actively attempting to sell their unit, and not been able to “sell the Unit except at a price below the current appraised market value after having made reasonable effort to do so“.  Hardship leases may also be considered if the “Owner takes a leave of absence or temporarily relocates and intends to return to reside in the Unit“.  Hardship leases typically are only valid for 6 months but may never exceed 12 months.  A hardship lease may not be considered for any owner who already has an approved 12-month hardship lease and is wishing to extend.

Note that all leases require a Lease Addendum be completed and be on file in the PTW management office.