Association fees are due on the 1st of each month and late after the 10th. It is important to pay your dues on time and in full each month. Delinquent fee can result in late fines, attorney fees, and other penalties.

All dues are processed by Team Management.  Residents may contact them through their website at

Dues for 2017

  • 1 bedroom: $151.48
  • Loft: $232.05
  • 2 bedroom: $245.56

There are five ways to pay your Association fees:

  • Mail payment to the lock box at: PO Box 62528, Phoenix, AZ  85082 (Account#: 00139+unit#)
  • Use your own financial institution’s online payment capability. Send to Phoenix address.
  • Online through the TEAM Management website.  (Your billing code is 139.) Set up an account and password. It’s fast, convenient and secure.
  • Drop off payment at the front office
  • Mail payment to TEAM Management
    • P.O. Box 670177
      Marietta, GA 30066